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Packaging waste is a problem - for you the company using it, and for your customer having to get rid of it. DefendaGuard reusable removals covers can help. Not only can you buy once and use many, many times, but they are also washable, robust and personalisable so can can even advertise your company and your company's commitment to reducing waste and its planetary impact.

The word is it is only time before further legislation is passed insisting those companies using the most packaging have their feet 'held to the fire' if they aren't being green in their approach. Fines, censure who knows what else may be involved?

So why not get 'ahead of the curve' AND the competition by investing in personalised, reusable removals covers?

Our offering? DefendaGuard - the cost-effective alternative to plastic, bubble-wrap, paper and cheap, tatty blankets.

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