Attention Removers...

It's no secret - plastic waste is now an international crisis.....

The good news is there are steps you can take to reduce plastic waste and save time, effort and money - all at the same time...


Bryn Towns

 RE: How you can help reduce packaging waste by minimising the amount of disposable packaging you use - and do it over and over again with reusable packaging.


Here's the problem you face:

Plastic is now the number one environmental problem.

It seems only a matter of time before the use of plastic is heavily taxed - we're already paying for plastic bags in the supermarkets and that is probably just the start!

Whilst it is unlikely we will ever remove plastic 100% from everyday life, there are products available which can help with the reduction of its use.

Here's One Solution - DefendaGuard

DefendaGuard removals covers:

  • replace the use of blankets, plastic, bubblewrap and tape when preparing a number of everyday household items such as armchairs, couches, fridges, freezers, washers etc ready for a move
  • save time, effort, money and the environment because they are easy to apply and remove, instantly protect furniture and other household items and are reusable

If you haven't tried removals covers as yet, it's not your fault. It could be because in the past a small number of suppliers have had a monopoly on their manufacture and / or distribution so the prices have been kept artificially inflated making them too expensive for smaller removers.

If you already use them however, congratulations - we have great news for you!

What Is DefendaGuard?

DefendaGuard is the most cost effective range of removals covers available in the UK - we know this because we did extensive research before launching the range. It is are also made right here in Leeds, West Yorkshire so is a genuinely Made In Britain product! 

Why Should I Use Them?

One of the reasons is that over the last few years we've seen hundreds of removers come and go - literally hundreds.

Research shows a sizeable percentage of them went out of business is because they couldn't compete with companies using better packaging. 

Well, we think it's time to level the playing field and give everyone the same opportunity.

Our Offer To You:

To help you get on the reusable packaging track we are offering FREE UK mainland shipping on all orders over £100 excluding vat and carriage.

We'll also throw in a FREE utility pouch with every order - but that's not all - spend over £250 and we'll also throw in a removals cover storage bag FREE of charge as well!

Our Guarantee To You:

Everything we manufacture is backed by our ROQSOLID 30 day money-back guarantee.

So Where To From Here?

If you've read this far you are one of the action takers - someone open to exploring alternative ways of doing things. We're here to provide them.

There are 3 choices:

1. Do nothing, continue using plastic, tape, bubblewrap, straps,blankets, etc, etc, etc and let your competition use DefendaGuard as THEIR marketing edge over you, OR

2. Make your own covers - design them, source the materials and find someone to assemble them for you OR

3. Let us do the 'heavy lifting' for you - we'll supply you a range of reusable packaging you can be proud of, that gives you a marketing edge and do it at a price you can afford.

Now, it's up to you.

If you haven't got time to shop online, why not request a quote?

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